Recipe: Quick Mediterranean Flatbread

by Anna

About a decade ago, I did my student teaching at a school lucky enough to be chosen for a new program our school district was piloting called ‘Cooking with Kids‘. Its purpose was to introduce cheap, whole food alternatives to the packaged, refined foods students regularly ate. Volunteers came into the classroom and taught the students how to cook a few simple basics, such as bread and salad. The students loved it, and the recipes were amazing. I have been making this delicious, whole wheat flatbread (or a version thereof) ever since. It is something I make and use at least weekly. It is a yeast bread that doesn’t require rising time, and it is incredibly versatile. Skip the za’atar topping, and use the bread to scoop up hummus. Wrap beans in it for a burrito, or use it as a falafel wrap. It is great to snack on during road trips. Or use it as pizza dough: my apartment overseas didn’t have a reliable oven, and I used this flatbread to create individual stovetop pizzas. Cook the flatbread on one side briefly, flip, and top with cheese, olives, tomatoes, etc. Cover the pan with a lid so that the steam will help melt the cheese. One last note: the students who learned how to make this flatbread were Kindergarteners, so you know it’s easy!

Mediterranean Flatbread

Makes 12.

1 ½ C warm water

1 tsp yeast

1 C whole wheat flour

1 tsp salt (if not using za’atar, increase this)

1 Tbsp olive oil

2 ½ C white flour

Combine warm water and yeast. (Ensure that the warm water is not so hot that you cannot leave your finger in it; if it is, it will kill the yeast.) Allow the yeast to sit for five to ten minutes. Then add the oil, salt, and whole wheat flour. Add the remaining white flour in a bit at a time, stirring after each addition. Once the dough comes together loosely, sprinkle flour on a board and knead until you have a smooth ball (about five minutes). Cover and let the dough sit for ten minutes. Alternately, you can cover and refrigerate up to two days at this point. Divide the dough into twelve balls, and roll each ball into a circle. Cook in a skillet on medium high to high heat, covered, about one minute on each side. Covering allows the steam to help cook the flatbread, which aids in keeping the bread supple. However, sometimes I don’t cover, and it still works.

Za’atar Topping:

1 Tbsp sesame seeds

½ tsp dried thyme

¼ tsp salt

Combine the sesame seeds, dried thyme, and salt. Brush each flatbread with olive oil, and sprinkle with za’atar.

Photo Credits: Graeme Weatherston